Stephen Watkins

Suffolk, UK

Stephen's Craft

Seeking to preserve a lost style of Architectural drawing, Steve combines it with contemporary, occasionally surrealist, techniques.

Eschewing the traditional Architectural tools of pencil and ink in favor of acrylic paint and fine brush work, his skylines are elaborate and richly detailed

About Stephen

Born in Southampton (UK), Stephen's professional art career began in the Middle East while working as an architect and painting city skylines as hobby.

Unbeknownst to him, his work was presented to a local gallery which immediately purchased it all on the spot.

Since then, he has become internationally known for his rich city skylines and his ability to tell a person's story through the important places in their life.

Stephen believes in the power of art to preserve our most cherished memories, and he finds great meaning in working with his collectors to capture the story of their own life's journey on canvas.