Ross David Lloyd

London, UK

Ross's Craft

Creating powerful and bold abstract work, Ross's unique style is infused with Art Deco elements and harkens back to the design sensibilities of the 1950's and 60s.

His work has received acclaim and attention from some of London's top interior designers and has become highly sought after by their clients.

Drawn to art at an early age, Ross went on to graduate from The Chelsea School of Art in Public Design in 1997.

Ross's original paintings are done in acrylic on canvas, but, unlike any other artist the Gallery has encountered, his reproductions are his most sought after work.

Each piece is created using a custom reverse perspex face mounting method that produces exceptional clarity and brilliance.

His unique method allows for easy light transmission that truly makes the colours and details of his work come to life in a way that must be seen to fully appreciate.

It's no wonder his work graces the walls of so many of Britain's most iconic homes.