Kate Rose

Buckinghamshire, UK

Kate's Craft

Combining her passion for the natural world with the energetic brushstrokes and techniques of contemporary painting, Kate blurs the lines and bridges the gaps between traditional wildlife portraiture and spontaneous, lively abstract expressionism.

In doing so, she captures the life, character and movement of her subject as well as drawing upon the beauty and essence of the area in which they inhabit through her choice of colour. 

About Kate

Growing up in a creative family, it was only natural Kate ended up studying Fine Art: Painting and Drawing at university where she explored the plethora of materials available to contemporary artists.

Kate exhibited her abstract series at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London, and from this, was selected as a finalist in the Graduate Art Prize exhibition, curated by ArtIQ. Since then her career has continued to grow.

Her passion for her craft is matched only by her devotion to the conservation of wildlife and the natural world around us. Her brilliant and evocative work grows from the intersection between them.

It's no wonder she has garnered multiple awards and recognitions as well as a fiercly loyal international following.

Latest videos

Kate Rose Art

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