Jamie Eade

London, UK

Jamie's Craft

Capturing still life in not just hyper-realistic, but photo-realistic accuracy using coloured pencil, white gouche, graphite dust and paint brushes, Jamie's sophisticated technique has garnered multiple awards and gallery attention around the world.

Each layer is applied to create the final stunning, textured, painterly image. His attention to detail is remarkable, every reflection, wood grain and shadow captured through focused observation and patience.

About Jamie

Following a career in the construction industry, Jamie set about putting his long-held artistic talent to good use.

Jamie has been a member of the Crouch End Open Studios for many years but recently created a series of coloured hyperrealistic pencil drawings of pencil-ends.

Since then, his work has earned him awards from the UK colour pencil society 20th anniversary contest, the No Format drawing open, SGFA society of graphic fine art (twice) and Wells art contemporary.

This has led to exhibitions in galleries around the world, including his most recent show in Tag Fine Art (New York City), which sold out within days.