Ellie Bird

London, UK

Ellie's Craft

Focusing on the intersection of the real and the abstract, Ellie's work painstakingly captures the depictions of light reflections and refractions through water, the distorted human form and the water medium.

Her unique ability to capture the dreamlike effect of shape, colour and light distortions in water have not only earned her wide recognition in London but also a Royal Arts Prize.

About Ellie

Art has long been a core part of Ellie's life. After spending twenty years as an art and music teacher, she eventually left to pursue her passion full time.

Now residing in North London, Ellie's skill with acrylics is all the result of self-teaching and experience.

Her love of water led her to experiment with painting techniques that mimic the flow of water- often through a complex blend of acrylics, oils and resin together on her canvases.

Her award winning work provokes a relaxation of self-image and elicits a form of escapism from the constraints of physical reality. It's no wonder her work is featured in so many homes around the world.