Davids's Craft

The W Gallery is very excited to announce an exhibition by TVs antique expert and Artist David Harper. from the 29th June - 27th July David is a renowned British artist and media personality with a contagious passion for painting. “It’s my sanctuary,” he says of his art studio. Filled with vibrant colors, antique plates for mixing paints, and a constant flow of creative ideas, this sunlit space is where David truly unwinds.

His paintings often depict objects that have captured his eye, infused with the bold colors and expressive style that signature to his work. While many know David from his BBC Antiques and Art presentations on shows like Bargain Hunt and The Antiques Road Trip, painting is his true escape. “It’s how I recharge,” he explains. Inspiration strikes David everywhere - during filming, while traveling, or simply in the everyday world around him. He captures these fleeting ideas in sketches, notes, and photographs, bringing them back to life in his studio. His creative process is fluid and unforced. He may have several paintings going at once, leaving them unfinished for months until the perfect element clicks into place. David’s background in the world of antiques and art heavily influences his work.

He describes how the countless objects he’s handled over the years leave their mark, with pops of oriental and african colors and shapes finding their way into his vibrant canvases. Davids vibrant paintings and sculptures are a must see.