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Our mission is to promote and connect talented established and emerging contemporary artists with Woodbridge's vibrant community of collectors

Becoming an Artist in Residence

About the Program

Being an Artist in Residence at The W Gallery is an opportunity to exhibit your work in a well located space that benefits from its affluent community and generally heavy foot fall from both local residents and visitors from around Britain.  It's also an opportunity to partner with the Gallery for longer term support. 

Benefits of the Program

Our Artists in Residence exhibit in the gallery for a month, during which they benefit from an open reception and active paid advertising paid for by the gallery. We continue to promote your work on the website, through social and email channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in your Artists in Residence?

We are looking to support and promote a wide variety of talent that aligns with the Gallery's mission.  Anyone who works in a physical medium (we do not carry digital art at this time) is welcome. 


When evaluating entries, we look at the quality of your art as well as its potential appeal to our collectors, your story as an artist, your social media presence and your pricing.


Looking at previous Artists in Residence can help give you an idea of what we have selected for in the past, but we are always looking for new and exciting artists! Do not let past selections keep you from applying.

Will I need to be present during the exhibition?


For the most part, the Gallery will staff the exhibition for you, so you can continue to work on your art while we work on matching it up to collectors.  


We do ask (but don't require) that local artists staff their reception and potentially one of the weekends during the two week exhibition period.  That time in front of potential collectors is extremely valuable.  

How does the online gallery shop work?

Artists in residence will have all of their exhibited works added to the Gallery's online shop to help promote the work, and the Gallery will keep any unsold works you choose in the shop for a minimum of six months total to continue to support you.

Select pieces may be included longer than six months if you so choose, and you will continue to benefit from the Gallery's general ads and retargeting ads while your work is represented in the shop.

What kind of support will I receive after the exhibition?

The W Gallery is committed to supporting its artists after the exhibition period.  


Your Artist page will stay up for at least one year, your art will remain in the online shop for at least six months benefitting from the Gallery's online retargeting ads, you will be eligible for inclusion in shows that the Gallery exhibits in and we will continue to try to connect you to collectors who are interested in commissions as long as your Artist page is up.  


We will also help connect you to resources that can be extremely helpful for artists of all stages.

How much is the exhibition fee?

The exhibition fee depends heavily on the season, and the area of the gallery where your work is placed.  Selected artists are responsible for a non-refundable 50% deposit up front.  The other 50% will be deducted from your payout at the end of the exhibition. 


We do work with third parties such as Klarna to help arrange payment plans for artists, in order to reduce some of the financial barriers.  We believe that space to exhibit art should be accessible to all talented artists.

How long is the exhibition period?

Exhibition periods are typically four weeks long though they may occasionally be extended or shortened in some situations.